About Us

Cawangan Kontrak dan Ukur Bahan has identified 4 Key Result Areas under its Business Plan Strategies. The PUBLIC WORKS COST INFORMATION CENTRE (PWCIC) being one of it coincide with a project identified under Key Result Area 1 that is achieving reasonable project estimates. Thus  PWCIC  was set up with a goal  to provide users a complete comprehensive cost data with credibility, accuracy (+/- percentage range around the point of estimate), confidence level , precision, reliability and validity of the estimate as well  as uniformity and  consistency through  verification and documentation. The data will be stored in a centralized database management system and can be assessed online.

PWCIC is a one stop cost information centre which provides resources and information on cost data relating to construction materials, plant and machinery and  labour. It also includes additional data such as  list of suppliers, cost indexes, location factors, conversions and  references . The data published in PWCIC are  based on a comprehensive collection of historical data and real life projects implemented by Public Works Department. Besides that, data are also obtained from various government agencies, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and contractors .

Amongst the features of the PWCIC are:-
i) Cost Information

  1. Cost Publications

  2. Labour, Plant and Material Rates

  3. Tender Price Index

ii) Cost Analysis

  1. Elemental Cost Analysis

  2. ATDA

iii) Build Up Rates
iv) RATOL (Rates Online)

PWCIC has been developed with web browser access; makes costing information easily and quickly accessible at the touch of a button.CKUB hopes that PWCIC will be an indispensable reference point and also the driver for costing for quantity surveyors, engineers and architects working in the public sectors and government agencies